Hot Rod Power Tour 2017 – Day 2

Day two of the Hot Rod Power Tour was a 260 mile drive from Kansas City, Missouri to Newton, Iowa. This was our first real taste of the Power Tour. It was awesome to be driving down I-70 on our way to the first turn off, and see the huge variety of cars start to pass us. The best part of this day was the huge crowd that had formed in Waverly, Missouri. The seventh picture is a very small taste of that. It was also our first experience of pulling into a gas station and seeing nothing but hot rods around you. That will always be awesome. When we eventually got to Newton Iowa, however the winds were unbelievable strong. Just like the previous day, we didn’t stay there very long because of the winds and the dirt that was blowing around the grounds. They had a very good turnout with some very cool cars. Overall, a fantastic day.