A Winter Trip To The Porkies – Union River Cabin

Hiking to Union River Cabin in January

Earlier this year i made a cabin trip to the Porcupine Mountains with four friends of mine to Union River Cabin. We stayed in an interesting hotel near the park for one night before hiking into the cabin. The hike in involved hiking roughly 3.5 miles on snow shoes while carrying a hiking pack, and pulling sleds. The trail in also goes up about 300 vertical feet or so. It was a brutal hike that took several hours.

Heating things up

Once we got into the cabin, the first step was to get the fire going. About three hours later it was warm enough to just sit around in a sweatshirt and jeans. However during the night it was a different story, it didn’t get cold at all at night. In fact at times it was close to 90 on the top bunk, and I had the privilege of being on the top bunk. It was uncomfortable every night. The first full day I ended up sticking around the cabin all day helping get snow melted and sanitized. We went for a short day hike on the second day to a near by clearing, and than hiked around the cabin that night. The stars were incredible that far away from any light.

Heading Home

While the hike back to the car on the last day was easier because it was downhill the whole way, it was almost more work then hiking in. The reason for this is because one of the people with us could not help pull the sleds due to a medical condition of his had flared up. Our goal was to get him back to the car quickly, but also to give him as many breaks as he needed. While it took about three hours to get to the cabin, the hike back to the car took just under 2 hours. I had an amazing time there, but I have to admit, the hike in and out in the winter ruined any chance I had of going back to that specific cabin.